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Lisa Redman sustainability


My business was founded on timeless dressmaking principles and techniques, and I have long championed trans-seasonal investment dressing on a made-to-measure basis made with responsible, natural materials from predominantly British mills. The ethos of the company has always been to be naturally sustainable, both environmentally and commercially, with a ‘buy better, buy less’ mantra.  Lisa Redman is entirely privately owned and operated, with no outside investment. I have a track record of working with long-standing clients to re-work, re-fashion and alter their clothes to last for decades, and to be passed on to the next generation. Each of my pieces is bespoke.  There is no inventory or bulk ordering of fabrics.  Samples are used in archives or re-sold and never sent to landfill.  Off-cuts are transformed into accessories so that not a scrap of cloth or embellishment is wasted.  Lisa Redman designs are predicated on the love of beauty and the wish to protect the beauty of this planet.

Operational integrity and impact in my community

With a mixed-race family of my own, I am acutely aware of the need to be inclusive and foster a sense of belonging for everyone.  My team are from all over the world and from many walks of life.  I particularly champion diverse young talent to get them experience in the fashion industry, working with local schools for their internships. I support the wonderfully diverse community of Notting Hill though donations to local, grassroots charitable causes, including raising money for the Grenfell Fire Fund.  During the Covid-19 crisis of 2020, I raised funds to buy cloth, produce scrubs and wash bags voluntarily for local hospitals and care homes.

Commitment to the British fashion industry

I have put my heart and soul into British fashion and am incredibly proud to be part of this vibrant and creative industry, and a proud member of Walpole. I started at the very bottom, working alongside some of the UK’s leading designers, to hone and develop my craft.  Now, for nearly 15 years, I have had the privilege to create clothes for my namesake label, dressing some of the most inspirational and influential women in the UK and beyond. One of the leading principles in the building of Lisa Redman has been that we will only support British artisans and craftspeople in the development of our bespoke products.  Every speciality embellishment, such as beading and embroidery, to the rich cashmeres and silks are all sourced from the UK.

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