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Our process

First: book an appointment

Get in touch to outline what you’re looking to create and to book an appointment. 
Our prices for fully bespoke dresses start from roughly £2000. 


Second: private fitting and requirements meeting
We will meet, either in person in our studio in Notting Hill, or online via Zoom, and further discuss your needs and preferences.  In this first meeting we will look at examples of designs from our collection and archives for any inspiration needed, and walk through selections of luxurious fabrics, and styling extras, such as feathers and embellishments.  We will measure you and then get to work to create a calico toile for your first fitting.  If we are making a garment remotely for you, we will give you crystal clear instructions on the measurements we require to ensure a perfect fit.  

Third: the first fitting
After approximately four weeks, we will invite you back for a first fitting meeting.  You will see and try on your partially made garment, where we can adjust and tweak before final changes are made.

Fourth:  the final fitting

After approximately six weeks, we will invite you back for a final fitting. We will ensure a meticulous finish and fit and arrange delivery at an agreed time. 

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